Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Waterfall Hike in Lake Creek

 Hudson, Caleb, Rowen and Sawyer (Haddie not pictured) eating lunch by the creek. 
 Sawyer, Rowen, Luke and Haddie
 Caleb and Rowen adventuring along the creek
 Rowen going down a little natural water slide. 
 Russ and Sawyer enjoying the pool at the base of the waterfall.
 Family pic- Sawyer looks so happy to be there!
 Rowen and Caleb racing down the path
Guster got in the way, boys trying to catch her!

Jon and Kyla's Pool

This could be Rowen's favorite place on earth! She is a true fish and was the last one out of the pool. She  is so her father jumping off of these rocks. I have a picture of him jumping with the same face but I knew he would be mad at me for posting it so you will have to imagine or just picture her face on a man size body!

Big huge smile!

Still smiling!
 She wore herself out.
 Sawyer wasn't that into the water at first. Of course she wanted SNACKS- big surprise!
 She did get a little more excited about it after Russ twirled her around a bit.
Then she experienced the freedom of the star and gave us a big smile! Thank you Uncle Jon and Auntie Kyla!!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Boise Zoo with the Daniels Family

On our way home from my brothers wedding we stopped through Boise, ID to see Luke and Ailie Daniels and there little boy Kohen. Kohen and sawyer are about one month apart.
 Russ doing all of the work, one in front and one in back!
 Sawyer loved the penguins
 Sawyer and Kohen inspecting the wooden penguin.
 Sawyer was very happy this day.
 Even the penguins got kisses!
 Rowen still had a swollen eye so she was a little subdued.
 Russ being such a good father with two screaming girls on the carousel.
 Kohen and Luke. Kohen is so laid back compared to the girls.
 Russ still trying to make Sawyer smile, it's not working.
 Rowen loved the slide.
Sawyer wasn't so sure about this big slide but Russ looks like he is having fun!

South East Idaho Camping with Grampie and Grammie

 Grammie roasting a marshmallow
 Grampie giving a peace sign with a very scary "silly" face!
 Rowen is so happy to be camping especially because she gets to sleep in Grammie's trailer
 It was gorgeous, we were camped not far from Yellowstone
 A huge moose about to run across the street, that would cause some major damage! We saw about five different moose including a couple baby ones. They are truly ginormous creatures.
 Perfect Sawyer moment!

 Overlooking a waterfall
 Kaia having a little look for herself
 Rowen on the bench, she really wanted to go back to the trailer.
 My mom and dad and Kaia
 My smart, mom put the tire tube inside the laundry bag so we could pull the girls through the creek, they loved it!
 Everybody except Rowen smiling on the rock

 On this trip we discovered that Rowen is allergic to mosquitos. Her poor eye swelled completely shut, she looked like the Hunchback of Notre Dame.
Sawyer and Papa

Uncle's Weddin'

 The girls and I at my brother Travis's wedding. Rowen refuses to call it wedding and refers to it as weddin', she sounds like a true Idahoan (no offense!)!
 Sawyer was a little confused by this whole experience
 Travis and Crystal
 Rowen looked so pretty in her dress! But it didn't last long about five minutes after the wedding she was jumping in the jump house that was set up for the kids and stepped on the bottom of her dress. She completely ripped the bottom skirt part off of the top of the dress! Russ thought I was going to kill him but I was happy she made it through the wedding.
 Rowen and Uncle Travis
 Sawyer, Rowen, Crystal and Kennedie- it is truly impossible to get three kids to look at the same time!
Rowen, Grampie and Boston (the ring bearer)

Diamond Lake

 Miss Poser!
 I love dirt!!

 Going out on the boat.
Big Smile
In the woods on a hike after church
Backyard storytime